Pizza with tomatosauce and cheese   9,00 €


Extra toppings:

ham, parma ham, salami, chicken, smoked reindeer, sautéed reindeer, egg

tuna fish, prawns, cold smoked salmon, smoked vendace, whitefish in tomatoes

pineapple, peach, cherry tomatoes, paprika, olives, champignons, pickles, jalapeno, rucola, red onion, garlic, pesto

blue cheese Aura, goat cheese, mozzarella, bread cheese


Extra toppings   1,50 € / ingredient


We recommend:

Reindeer pizza   15,00 €

Cold smoked reindeer, sautéed reindeer, bread cheese, red onion

Fish pizza   15,00 €

Cold smoked salmon, smoked vendace, whitefish in tomatoes, red onion


All pizzas can be ordered as a gluten free +2,00 €.




Green salad   9,00 €

Salad mix, fresh cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, mixed seeds, bread and house sauce

With fried goat cheese (GL)   15,00 €

With fried bread cheese (GL)   15,00 €

With omelette (GL)   15,00 €

You can choose two toppings from pizza list to add to omelette.

With fried salmon fillet (GL, L)   17,00 €




 Beetroot-pestopasta (L)   11,00 €

Pappardellepasta, Beetroot-pestosauce, roasted stone pine seeds, parmesan

Try also fried goat cheese or bread cheese as a side dish +6,00 €

Smoked Reindeer Pasta (L)   15,50 €

Pappardellepasta, creamy smoked reindeer sauce, slice of smoked and roasted reindeer, lingonberry jam, rucola, parmesan

Salmon Pasta (L)   17,00 €

Pappardellepasta, creamy pesto sauce, cold smoked salmon, fried salmon fillet, rucola, parmesan

Spaghetti for Kids   8,00 €

Spaghetti, tomato sauce

Spaghetti with traditional brown sauce. You can choose wieners or minced meat to the sauce.


Pastas are available also gluten free.




 Burger (L)   9,50 €

Brioche Roll, 150 g full meat beef, cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, pickle, house dressing

Add Pizza topping   1,50 € / ingredient

Moose Burger (L)   15,00 €

Brioche Roll, 150 g moose and cow full meat beef (cow 30%), smoked bacon, smoked cheese from Kuusamo, salad, lingonberry and thyme mayonnaise

House Burger (L)   13,50 €

Dark Rye Bread (Tositumma reissumies), minced pike beef, cold smoked salmon, salad, smoked cheese from Kuusamo, pickled carrot and cucumber, lemon and lime mayonnaise


Sidedishes for the burgers

Potato Fingers   4,50 €

Green Salad   4,50 €

Deep Fried Rose Cabbages   4,50 €


Burgers are available also gluten free.




Full Meat Beef 150 g (L, G)   7,00 €

Moose and Cow Full Meat Beef 150 g (L, G)   8,50 €

Minced Pike Beef 150 g (L, G)   8,50 €


Pihvin kaveriksi:

Mashed Potatoes, Potato Fingers, Green Salad or Deep Fried Rose Cabbages    +4,50 €




 Bread with Sautéed Reindeer (L)   15,00 €

Bread (Kursulaisen rouhereikäleipä), mashed potatoes, sautéed reindeer, pickle, cheese topping, lingonberry jam

Reindeer Stew (L, G)   22,00 €

Long simmered reindeer and carrots, mashed potatoes, pickle, lingonberry jam

Vegetable Stew (L)   15,00 €

Long simmered Finnish root vegetables and barley, deep fried rose cabbages

Chicken Basket (L)   10,00 €

Breaded chicken tenderloin, Potato Fingers, house dip

Wieners with Potato Fingers or with Mashed Potatoes (L, G)   8,50 €

Potato Fingers (L)   4,50 €

Extra Dip (L)   1,50 €

Mayonnaise, Chili, Garlic



Ice Creams

Ice Cream Ball (VL)   4,50 €

Ice cream ball, waffle boat, whipped cream, sauce

Ice Cream Flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
Sauce Flavors: chocolate, caramel, liquorice

Extra Ball  3,50 €