Pizza with tomato sauce and cheese  9,00 €

Additional toppings  1,50 € / ingredient



Ham, parma ham, salami, chicken, cold smoked reindeer, sautéed reindeer, egg
Tuna fish, prawns, cold smoked salmon, cold smoked pike, smoked vendace, whitefish in tomatoes
Pineapple, peaches, cherry tomatoes, paprika, olives, champignons, pickles, jalapeno, rucola, red onion, garlic, pesto
Blue cheese Aura, goat cheese, mozzarella, bread cheese


We recommend / our favourites:

Reindeer pizza (LF)   15,00 €

Cold smoked reindeer, sautéed reindeer, bread cheese, red onion

Fish pizza (LF) 15,00 €

Cold smoked salmon, smoked vendace, white fish in tomatoes

House pizza (LF) 16,50 €

Cold smoked pike, marinated red onion, cherry tomatoes, lemon-lime mayonnaise, rucola. Marinated red onion, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise and rucola comes fresh to pizza.


 All pizzas can be ordered as a gluten free +2,00 €




Green salad (MF, GF) 9,00 €

Salad mix, fresh cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot shreds, mixed seeds, bread, and house sauce

With fried goat cheese (LF, GF)   15,00 €

With fried bread cheese (LF, GF)   15,00 €

With omelette (LF, GF)   15,00 €

    You can choose two toppings from pizza list to add to omelette

With fried rainbow trout fillet (LF, GF)   17,00 €




Cold smoked reindeer pasta (LF)   17,00 €

Pappardelle pasta, creamy sauce with cold smoked reindeer, slice of cold smoked reindeer, lingonberry jam, rucola, parmesan

Salmon pasta (LF)   17,00 €

Pappardelle pasta, pesto sauce, cold smoked salmon, fried rainbow trout fillet, rucola, parmesan


Pastas can be served as gluten free.




 Burger (LF)   10,00 €

Brioche, 150 g beef steak, cheddar cheese, house dressing, salad, tomato, pickles
Beef´s country of origin: Finland

Add toppings from pizza menu 1,50€ / ingredient

Triple smoked moose burger (LF)   16,00 €

Brioche, 150g moose and beef steak ( beef 30% ), smoked bacon, smoked cheese from Kuusamo, cold smoked reindeer-lingonberry mayonnaise, salad, pickles.
Beef´s country of origin: Finland

House burger (LF)   14,50 €

Whole wheat rye bread Tositumma Reissumies, pike steak, slice of cold smoked salmon, smoked cheese from Kuusamo, lemon-lime mayonnaise, salad, pickled carrot and fresh cucumber shreds


Side orders:

French fries and house dressing (MF, GF)   4,50 €

Green salad (MF, GF)   4,50 €

Fried Brussels sprouts and lemon-lime mayonnaise (MF)   4,50 €


Burgers can be served as gluten free.



Burger steaks

Beef steak 150g, Country of origin: Finland (MF, GF)   7,00 €

Moose and beef steak (30% beef) 150g, Finland (MF, GF)   8,50 €

Pike steak 150g (MF, GF)   8,50 €


Side orders:

Mashed potatoes, French fries, green salad or fried Brussels sprouts   +4,50 € / lisäke




 Bread with sautéed reindeer (LF)   20,00 €

Sautéed reindeer served in rye bread topped with cheese, mashed potatoes, pickles, lingonberry jam

Bread cheese bread (LF)   12,00 €

Whole wheat rye bread Tositumma Reissumies, fried bread cheese, cloudberry mayonnaise, salad, marinated red onion

Vegetable stew (LF)   15,00 €

Well in cream stewed root vegetables and barley, fried Brussels sprouts

Log roll (MF)   12,00 €

Garlic ang ginger spiced vegetables, lemon-lime mayonnaise, salad and carrot shreds wrapped in oven warm wheat and cheese bread

Add toppings from pizza menu 1,50€ / ingredient

Chicken basket (LF)   10,00 €

Chicken fillet fried in breadcrumbs, French fries and house dressing

Kids brown sauce and mashed potatoes (LF)   8,00 €

Mashed potatoes and traditional brown sauce, which You can have with sausages or minced meat. Meats country of origin: Finland

Kids fried rainbow trout fillet and mashed potatoes (LF,GF)   10,00 €

Fried rainbow trout fillet and mashed potatoes. You can also have French fries instead of mashed potatoes.

Sausages with French fries (MF) or mashed potatoes (LF)   8,50 €

French fries and house dressing (MF,GF)   4,50 €

Extra dressing / mayonnaise (MF, GF)   1,00 €

House dressing, chili, garlic, lemon-lime, cold smoked reindeer-lingonberry, mayonnaise



Ice cream scoop   4,50

Ice cream scoop served in waffle boat, whipped cream and sauce

Ice creams: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
    Sauces: chocolate, caramel, liquorice

Extra ice cream scoop