In addition to delicious food and superb drinks, we will provide you with good service that lets you enjoy whatever function you have organised at our restaurant. Food cooked from scratch using clean Lappish raw materials, and a cosy environment take you straight to a Lappish atmosphere. Domestic cooking, clean Lappish flavours as well as the best parts of the Finnish food culture.

In addition, you can choose grilled foods, pizza or tasty á la carte options. Our restaurant is fully licensed. Are you organising a party? We can also provide catering services.

Ask for more!

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Sat 20.07 we will be open from 12.00, welcome!





Lunch Mon-Fri 12-15

Lunch inc. salad buffee, bread, drinks ( milk, home made beer, water )

and coffee / tea


Week 30

Mon 22.07

Spinach soup ( LF, GF )

Oven sausage ( LF, GF )

Mashed potatoes ( LF, GF )

Beet root casserole ( LF, GF )


Tue 23.07

Mushroom soup ( LF, GF )

Pike fish balls ( LF, GF )

Mashed potatoes ( LF, GF )

Vegetable casserole ( LF, GF )


Wed 24.07

Sausage soup ( LF, GF )

Cabbage casserole ( LF, GF )

Omelette ( LF, GF )


Thu 25.07

Pea soup ( LF )

Fish casserole ( LF, GF )

Oven root vegetables ( LF, GF )

Pancake and strawberry jam ( LF )


Fri 26.07

Sweet potato soup ( LF, GF )

Lasagna ( LF )

Vegetables ( LF, GF )


Lunch 11,90€

Soup lunch 8,90€

Children 4-12y. 8,00€